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Planned System Outage: Moodle

Moodle will be unavailable from 5pm Friday November 9, 2018 MST to approximately 7am Sunday November 11, 2018 MST.  We

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The recently announced mobile title, Garbage Pail Kids: The Game, now has open submissions for die-hard fans to get their

International Alberta Accredited School Students Registration Expiry

Pembina Hills Public Schools (PHPS) in Barrhead, Alberta has had a service agreement with Alberta Education for a number of

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Did you know $9 billion was cut from the Department of Education’s budget in 2018? This means that there is

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Any college professor can talk about a subject with their students. But it takes a true innovator to teach a

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For many college students, the ability to find a job after graduation is their biggest concern. Even before you enroll,