Course Offering Update

Second Language Courses
Last school year, some language programs at ADLC, such as French Immersion and the French, Spanish and German programs, were under review.
In June 2018, we decided to continue to offer the following Second Language courses:
>  ESL levels 2-5 – online, TS only
>  French 10, 20, and 30 – print and SI online
>  French as a Second Language grades 4-9 – online with an option to download and print   various components (TS only)
>  German 10 – print and SI online
>  German 20 and 30 – print only
>  Japanese 10 – online, TS only
>  Spanish 10, 20, and 30 – online only
>  > >  Ukrainian 10, 20 and 30 will be delisted – currently offered as TS only. Enrolment will be suspended effective January 1, 2019.
We recognize that changes to our second language courses were not communicated with our partners last Spring.  We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience.
CTS – New Courses
Three new Tourism courses became available in 2018/19

Thursday January 01, 1970

TOU3060 Tourism Destination Management
TOU1070 Tourism The Attractions Industry
TOU1010 Tourism The Tourism Sector

Thursday January 01, 1970

These are available through Teacher Support (TS) and/or Student Instruction (SI).
The former Tourism 5-credit bundled pathway (2018) has been discontinued.
Career and Life Management (CALM)
The print course was discontinued in October 2018. Students who are currently registered are permitted to finish their course. We do, however, advise that print students should be switched to the online course as it is newer and contains more accurate information.
See our Course Listing for our up-to-date course offerings.
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