Put Your Dukes Up And Take On Alien Hordes In The Latest VR Experience, Boxing Apocalypse

PlayStation VR is winding up for another pummeling release allowing players to brawl against combat savvy aliens in the upcoming boxing game from Gotham City Films, Boxing Apocalypse.
Check out the punch-packing trailer showing off the alien boxer below:

Thursday January 01, 1970

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble
For all of those looking to take out waves of alien fighters and online friends via fisticuffs, there are a few unique features to be found in Boxing Apocalypse:

Thursday January 01, 1970

Players are transported to an isolated alien prison where your sole goal is to brawl your way through alien hordes one after another. Complete all 5 levels and take on the final boss to claim your victory over the entire prison.
The VR experience is designed with responsive and instinctual controls for a fluid approach to swinging your fists effectively against your opponents.
Players can unlock and equip weapons for a more devastating approach to combat, counter attacks utilizing energy shields, as well as switching out armour upgrades and new gauntlets to give you an advantage when striking down your foes.
Taking on alien AI isn’t the only method of boxing mayhem, as players can compete in online matches or tournaments for an all-out, quick-acting, fist-flying brawl.

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Square up and prepare for a lively VR boxing experience as Boxing Apocalypse is set to release on the PSVR on December 11th, 2018.
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