Join A Creatively Rewarding VR Experience In Squishies, Available On PSVR

The VR tech just got a bit more imaginative with the recently released puzzle platform building PSVR title from Brainseed Factory, Squishies.
Take a look at the clever challenges you’ll find in Squishies in the gameplay trailer below:

Thursday January 01, 1970

Leap Into The Charming World Of Squishies
The puzzle solving adventure is ripe with plenty of features to keep VR players utterly engaged from start to finish.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Take on the enduring Story Mode, create your own labyrinth of puzzles in Creative Mode or play through community created levels and discover something fresh and new – there are plenty of inspiring options to explore in Squishies.
Real life movement is brought in through the perfect mapping of the PlayStation Move controllers, providing fluid and natural movements across your adventure.
Players utilize different elements to make their way through each level. Water, air, fire and ice all play their own part in allowing players to successfully traverse through the 3D puzzle game.
Using the environment, multiple power-ups and animated creatures populating the colourful world, players must use keen multitasking to find their way through the unique puzzle platformer.

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As a dedicated VR only experience, the creative and challenging world of Squishies awaits for PSVR owners, available now.
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